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Matches 1 to 482 of 482

 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S89
2 S90 Soldaten-genealogie-archief
3 S91 Gemeentearchief Roosendaal
4 S88 Gendringen nederlandse Her. Kerk Doopboek
5 S94 Gemeentearchief 's-Gravenhage
6 S81 Regesten betreffende Rijnestein, Leerbroek
7 S105 Regionaal Archief West-Brabant
8 S110 Eindhoven anno 1934
Kees van der Hoeven 
9 S111 Website familie Klop
Theo de Waard en Rob Klop 
10 S114 The Peerage
11 S115 Het geslacht Bressers
M.C.X.M. Bressers 
12 S121 Nieuwe Kroniek van het geslacht Haselhoff
Drs. Albert Hazelhoff & Roelof Hazelhoff 
13 S122 Streekarchief Midden-Holland
14 S123 Regionaal Archief Rivierenland
15 S124 Archief Eemland
16 S128 trouwboekje
17 S136 Digitale Stamboom
18 S138 Regionaal Historisch Centrum Limburg (RHCL)
19 S139 OSB Völlen
20 S141 California, Death Index
21 S144
22 S147
23 S150 Ned. Patriciaat
24 S152 Het Geslacht Stiekema
Jan W. Stiekema 
25 S153 OSB Weener
26 S93 Antoon Stortelder
27 S131
28 S331 "Ballard-Willis Family Tree," database
Mark W. Ballard 
29 S587 "John D Newport," supplied by Newport, Updated: 2015-04-28; copy held by [RESEARCHER & CONTACT INFORMATION FOR PRIVATE USE]\.
compiled by John D. Newport [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America 
30 S560 "Mark Willis Ballard (gedcom, rootsweb)," supplied by Ballard, 2013.
compiled by Mark Willis Ballard [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\,] 
31 S359 "Plantagenet Descent" by David A. Blocher
David A. Blocher  
32 S380 "rootsweb gedcom : Ray Stephens, Updated: 2007-11-20," supplied by Stevens, Updated: 2007-11-20; copy held by [RESEARCHER & CONTACT INFORMATION FOR PRIVATE USE]\.
compiled by Ray Stevens [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\,] 
33 S525 "Testerman," supplied by Testerman, 27-11-2005.
compiled by Cynthia Testerman [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\,] 
34 S285 "Thomas A. Stobie, rootsweb, 2009.," supplied by Stobie, july 2014.
compiled by Thomas A. Stobie SFO [(E-ADDRESS) FOR PRIVATE USE\,] 
35 S52 'n van Mulken als voorvader
Wiel van Mulken 
36 S543 11615-2.ftw
37 S582 Ballard-Willis Family Tree.
Willis-Ballard, Markrootsweb 
38 S487 ?, Jack, Rootsweb GEDCOMs. ( &
39 S332 A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire, 1883
Bernard Burke, Sir 
40 S598 Abbaye De Saint Bavon
41 S597 Abbey Church
42 S368 Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, Edward III A D 1327-1377; 1914
Ethel Stokes 
43 S566 Alexander, Melissa Thompson, Rootsweb GEDCOM ( or
44 S36 Alle Friezen Genealogie website
45 S103
46 S393 allerton_manor.ged
47 S17 Ambtsgericht Celle
48 S457 Ancestor of ....
49 S314 Ancestors of Evelyn Wood Keeler
Josephine C Frost 
50 S350 Ancestral File (R)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
51 S381 Ancestral File (TM)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
52 S367 Ancestral File (TM)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
53 S565 Ancestral File (TM)
54 S429 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700
Frederick Lewis Weis 
55 S304 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 7th Edition
Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr. 
56 S325 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 8th Ed; 2004
Frederick LewisWeis with additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr. 
57 S549 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition, by Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr., 1999
58 S297 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition, by Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr., 1999
59 S532 Ancestral Roots of Certain Americian Colonists, 7th Edition, by FrederickLewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr., 1999
60 S554 Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists who came to New England between 1623 and 1650
Weis, Frederick Lewis; with additions and Corrections by: W alter Lee Sheppard, Jr. assisted by: David Faris 
61 S531 Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England between 1623 and 1650
Frederick Lewis Weis 
62 S519 ancestral.ged, downloaded Jan 2007
63 S316 Ancestry Family Trees
64 S458 Ancestry of David A. Blocher (Maternal)
David A. Blocher (personal use) 
65 S468 Ancestry of Dean Ball
66 S471 Ancestry of Dennis Eugene King
67 S469 Ancestry of Fred Gwynne
68 S459 Ancestry of Jesse James (Outlaw)
David A. Blocher ( 
69 S466 Ancestry of Laura Ingles Wilder
70 S470 Ancestry of Linda Joyce Neely
71 S460 Ancestry of Meriwether Lewis (Explorer)
72 S467 Ancestry of Richard Gere
73 S583 AnneMaslin.FTW
74 S516 Annual Reports of the Friends of Lydiard Tregoze
75 S505 antonymaitland.ged
76 S70 Archief Tilburg
77 S2 Archieven Burgerlijke Stand
Ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand 
78 S232 Archieven Burgerlijke Stand
Ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand 
79 S491 Arundel Castle: Arundel, Sussex, BN18 9AB. Tel: +44 (0)1903 882 173; Fax: +44 (0)1903 884 581
80 S577 Atherton, Brad, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
81 S602 Augustine Friars, London
82 S536 Austin Friars' Church, Clare
83 S603 Ballard-Willis Family Tree.
Willis-Ballard, Markrootsweb 
84 S50 Belgische genealogische en heemkundig
85 S5 Bellingwolde vroeger en nu
86 S56 Bericht uit dag-, weekblad, tijdschrift of vakblad
87 S432 Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire
88 S567 Berl, Kennth Romain, GEDCOM (3 Deer Track Lane, Newark, DE 19711)
89 S444 Beverley Minster, Beverley
90 S113 Bevolkingsregister Odoorn deel 16, 1900-1938
Gemeente Odoorn 
91 S78 Bidprentje
92 S373 Bienvenue sur les pages persos des Freenautes 
93 S489 Black Friars, London
94 S326 Blocher, David A., Rootsweb GEDCOM. ( or or or
95 S146 boek der Siepels 1620-2011
96 S22 Boerderijen in het Kerspel Vriescheloo
J.S.A. Huizing 
97 S523 Boyd, Ronald E., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
98 S57 Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
99 S290 Brent W. Ruesch
100 S329 bright.ged
Brower, Maitland Dirk 
101 S9 Bron - Source
102 S164 Bron - Source
103 S545 Burke's Peerage
104 S309 Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Edition, 1999
Charles Mosely, Editor-in-Chief 
105 S540 Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Edition, Charles Mosley Editor-in-Chief, 1999
106 S485 Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Edition, Charles Mosley Editor-in-Chief, 1999
107 S524 Burke, Sir Bernard, C.B., LL.D., Ulster King of Arms, A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage, together with memoirs of the Privy Councillors and Knights. (51st edition) (London: Harrison and Sons, 1889.)
108 S546 Burke, Sir Bernard, Ulster King of Arms, Genealogy and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage, 43rd Edition. (Harrison & Sons, London England, 1881.)
109 S431 Caernarvon Castle, Caernarvon
110 S513 Caldwell, Courtney L. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
111 S595 Canterbury Cathedral:11 The Precincts, Canterbury, CT1 2EH. Tel +44(0) 1227-762862 Fax +44(0) 1227-865222
112 S510 Cary, Susan, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
113 S475 Castle Badlesmere, Kent
114 S125 Centraal bureau voor de genealogie, WO-II bronnen
115 S358 Charles II Stuart King Of England_DESC.ged
116 S341 Chateau De Vincennes, Vincennes
117 S149 Chronik der Familie Cromme
Bernhard Feldmann 
118 S493 Church Of Friars, Chelmsford
119 S410 Church of Saint Peter, Westminster
120 S601 Church of the Dominicans, Langley
121 S8 Church records of the local church
Priest of the local church 
122 S420 Collins, Jerry H., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
123 S142 Community Joods Monument
124 S382 Complete Peerage
G E C et al 
125 S541 Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom, by G. E Cokayne, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2000
126 S423 Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the United Kingdom, by G. E Cokayne, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2000
127 S528 Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and theUnited Kingdom; GE Cokayne, Sutton Publishing Ltd 2000
128 S456 contre les Albigeois (1209-1218) @NS016531@
129 S343 Convent Des Cordeliers, Paris
130 S503 Cook, Bill, Rootsweb GEDCOM (
131 S446 Coverham Abbey, Coverham, North Yorkshire, England
132 S449 CP Corrections and additions
Chris Philips 
133 S508 Crunk, John, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
134 S417 d'Evesham
135 S357 danieltyl.ged, downloaded Jan 2007
136 S534 Dare, Robert D., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (RDARE1@Prodigy.Net)
137 S3 Data van het internet gehaald, onderzocht door iemand anders
138 S308 David Utzinger
139 S288 David V Hughey
140 S34 De Boerderijen in het "Wold-Oldambt" Deel 1
Stichting Boerderijenboek "Wold-Oldambt" 
141 S402 de Bouvines @NS016771@
142 S414 de Bouvines
143 S394 de Courtrai entre Flamands & Français
144 S409 de Crécy entre Français & Anglais @NS016841@
145 S400 de Crécy entre Français & Anglais
146 S415 de la Magna Carta
147 S416 de Lewes
148 S392 de Mansourah
149 S482 de Muret entre Occitans & Franchimands @NS017311@
150 S346 de Muret entre Occitans & Franchimands
151 S408 de Poitiers entre Français & Anglais @NS017401@
152 S401 de Poitiers entre Français & Anglais
153 S347 de Taillebourg
154 S573 DeLand, John L., Rootsweb & webpages (
155 S478 Delker, Bill. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
156 S360 Descendant of.....
157 S555 Descent of Hughes
Graham Milne 
158 S501 Dictionary of National Biography
159 S522 Dictionary of National Biography, 1st Edn
Ed: Leslie Stephen et al 
160 S530 Dictionary of National Biography, George Smith, Oxford Press, Vols 1-21(Orignially published 1885-90),Ed by Sir Leslie Stephen
161 S95 Digitale Stamboom Gemeentearchief Delft
162 S75 Digitale Stamboom Haarlem 
163 S92 Digitale Stamboom Kennemerland
164 S4 DrenLias van het Drents Archief
165 S159 DrenLias van het Drents Archief
166 S151 Drents Genealogisch Jaarboek
167 S451 du Mont Cassel entre Flamands et Franco-Normands @NS017731@
168 S495 Dutton, Richard A., Rootsweb GEDCOM (deceased)
169 S375 Elizabeth Vernon
170 S96 Email Hans Verbeek
171 S99 Email Hille Riem
Hille Riem 
172 S72 Email Kees Broers
173 S66 Email Ron Luning
Ron Luning 
174 S506 Encyclopedia Britannica, Treatise on
175 S557 English Baronies
I J Sanders 
176 S345 entre chrétiens hispaniques et musulmans
177 S483 entre Français & Flamands @NS018031@
178 S399 entre Français & Flamands
179 S377 entre Gibelins et Angevins
180 S85 Erelijst van Gevallenen 1940-1945
181 S102 Erfgoedcentrum Achterhoek en Liemers te Doetinchem
182 S58 Erfgoedcentrum DiEP Dordrecht
183 S134 Ester Waddle Verbal Genealogy Records
Barbara Waddle 
184 S41 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
185 S196 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
186 S282 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
187 S572 Ferguson, June, Rootsweb GEDCOM. ( or
188 S411 Fin de l'Ordre du Temple
189 S97 Find a Grave,
190 S580 Flank, Jane Williams. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
191 S289 Fleiner Study
Sharon Fleiner Smith Kindron 
192 S383 foster_21May2005.ged, downloaded april 2006
193 S443 Friars Minor, Stamford
194 S473 Fröhlich, Carsten. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
195 S581 Garner, J. H. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
196 S292 Gary Lewis
197 S148 Geboorteregister Veendam 1849
Gemeente Veendam 
198 S361 Gedcom File provided by Mark Willis Ballard, September 11, 2010
Mark Willis Ballard, September 11, 2010 
199 S28 Gegevens gekregen van Reinder Pieters 
200 S100 Gegevens ontvangen van -Albert Streep-
Albert Streep 
201 S54 Gegevens ontvangen van Frieda Galbrait
202 S55 Gegevens ontvangen van Menno Mulder
203 S77 Gelders Archief Arnhem
204 S86 Gemeentearchief Venlo
205 S69 GemeenteArchief Venray
206 S107 Gemeentearchief Waalwijk
207 S37 Gencircles - Bus/Onnen
208 S299 Genealogical Research of Kirk Larson
209 S419 Genealogical Tables
Paul Theroux 
210 S26 Genealogie Geert Wilts
211 S140 Genealogie in de Achterhoek
212 S62 Genealogie Luttenberg
Email Bob Luttenberg 
213 S60 Genealogie Noordwest-Overijssel
214 S59 Genealogie Stege
Frank Stege 
215 S67
216 S13 Genealogische Datenbank Limburg
Stichting Geschiedkunde de Maaskentj te Stein en Stichting Limburgs Genealogisch Archief te Geleen 
217 S390 Genealogy of Josiah Munroe; G S Northrup 1912
218 S379 genealogy.ged, downloaded Feb 2007
219 S117 Genealogysk Jierboek 2009
Mr O. Scutte en drs Ype Brouwers 
220 S7 GeneaNet
221 S1 GenLias
Rijksarchiefdienst (c) 2000 
222 S349 gen_1729417.ged, downloaded Jan.2006
223 S486 gen_bromley.ged, downloaded Dec.2005
224 S340 gen_bursonram_A.ged, downloaded de.2005
225 S376 gen_cheesebro.ged, downloaded Dec.2005
226 S418 gen_gedr7420.ged, downloaded Dec.2005
227 S407 gen_gedr7420__.ged, downloaded Dec.2005
228 S450 gen_Good-Engle-Hanks_043005.ged, downloaded Jan.2006
229 S404 gen_irma, downloaded Jan,2006
230 S413 gen_jeff-fam.ged, downloaded Jan.2006
231 S385 George Hastings_ANC.ged 
232 S552 Gildersleeve, George Walter, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
233 S403 Ginn, Jackie, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
234 S433 Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester
235 S74 
236 S229 
237 S430 Grey Friars Chapel
238 S442 Grey Friars Church, Stamford
239 S438 Greyfriars Church, Preston
240 S43 Groninger Kwartierstaten Boek 1
241 S354 Grosmont Castle, Gwent
242 S11 Gruoninga
243 S33 Haijckens, Haickens, De Veencamp, Appius en daarmeede samenhangende geslachten.
Mr. H.L. Hommes 
244 S591 Hardin Clay Roots
Norvan L. Johnson 
245 S301 Hardin Clay Roots.FTW
246 S330 Harry Owen Martin
247 S476 Hartley Castle, Kirkby Stephen
248 S40 Haselhoff - Family book
249 S397 Héraldique européenne
Arnaud Bunel 
250 S428 Hertford Castle, Hertford
251 S32 Het predikanten-geslacht 'Bouman, uit het Groninger Oldambt
H.H. Everts 
252 S101 Het Utrechts Archief
253 S19 Hintzbergen - Vortman genealogie home
Jule Hintzbergen 
254 S87 Historisch Centrum Overijssel (HCO)
255 S76 Historisch Centrum Overijssel - HCO
256 S120 Historische Vereniging IJsselham, Overijssel
257 S391 History of the Munros of Fowlis, with the Genealogies of the Principle Families of the Names, etc
Alexander MacKenzie 
258 S575 Hodgson, Richard, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
259 S335 Hollandse_gravenhuizen @NS16871@
260 S287 Holly Forrest Tamer
261 S462 Horrocks, Lloyd A., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
262 S318
263 S82 
264 S42
265 S83
266 S112
267 S589 IGI (International Genealogical Index)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
268 S39 Info Eric Roelfsema
269 S412 Irwin, Martha, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
270 S313 Isiaha Lee
271 S322 James H. Maloney
272 S61 Jan Dijk (Email)
273 S310 Jane Williams Flank
274 S351 jean-pierre_masson
275 S517 Jensen, Erik, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
276 S302 Jim Weber
277 S295 Jim Weber.FTW
278 S579 Johanson, Susan, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
279 S27 Judith Berlowitz
Judith Berlowitz  
280 S333 Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith
Mellcene Thurman Smith 
281 S319 Kirk Larsen
282 S31 Kwartierstaat Swijcko Emmen
Jaap Tjadens 
283 S526 Lane and Johnston Families
Cynthia Testerman, Carole Lane 
284 S539 large-G675.FTW
285 S586 Larson, Kirk. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
286 S490 Leicester Abbey
287 S599 Leicester Castle
288 S570 Lennon, Christine, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
289 S334 Linda Harmon
290 S425 Lives of the Berkelelys
John Smyth 
291 S551 Long, Linda, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
292 S562 Loren Family
J. K. Loren 
293 S421 Louis VII/Aliénor
294 S571 Lundy, Darryl. the Website. URL: . 128 Heke Street, Wellington, New Zealand. darry,
295 S386 Lynch
Nancy Anderson 
296 S424 Mac 14Febxx.FTW
297 S472 MacKenzie Peerage
Diane MacKenzie 
298 S520 Maclaren, Hamish, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
299 S371 Magna Carta Ancestry, by Douglas Richardson, 2005, Genealogical Publishing Co
300 S286 Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial And Medieval Families, July 2005
Douglas Richardson, Kimbal G. Everingham, editor 
301 S436 Magna Charta Sureties 1215, Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Sheppard Jr, 5th Edition, 1999
302 S529 Magna Charta Sureties 1215, Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter LeeSheppard Jr, 5th Ed 1999
303 S474 Magna Charta Sureties, 1215, The
Frederick Lewis Weis, Th. D. 
304 S328 Maitland Dirk Brower
305 S547 Maloney, James H. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
306 S556 margaret everingham.ged
307 S312 Mark Willis Ballard
308 S352 Mark Willis Ballard
309 S372 Mary Leihsing
310 S364 Medieval English Ancestors of Robert Abell
Carl Boyer, 3rd 
311 S132 Menaldumadeel Marriage Records 1883-1912 (FHL #1,300,232 item 7-8)
312 S137 Mensenlinq
313 S49 Mensinga Web Site
Els Mensinga-Kroon 
314 S558 Michael R Neuman
315 S365 Michael R Neuman.FTW
316 S116 Michigan, Death Certificates, 1921-1952
317 S406 Minoresess Convent, Aldgate, Middlesex
318 S47 Moesker uit Delfzijl
Jennifer Moesker 
319 S73 Mol(l) Oud-Vossemeer-St. Maartensdijk
320 S578 Myers, Ron, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
321 S108 Nationaal Archief (Rijksarchief Zuid-Holland)
322 S574 Neuman, Michael. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
323 S504 Neville, Jerry L., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
324 S355 Newark Church
325 S298 Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval, at groups -
326 S538 Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.medieval, at groups -
327 S127 Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum 
328 S118 NL Adelsboek, Den Haag
329 S109 Noord-Hollands Archief
330 S324 Old Pembroke Families in the Ancient County Palatine of Pembroke; Henry Owen 1902
331 S30 Oldambster geslachten
Drs. O.D.J. Roemeling 
332 S535 Olney, Laverne, Rootsweb GEDCOM. ( or
333 S44 Onnes-Boelema II book
334 S133 Oorlogsgravenstichting
335 S592 Our Kingdom Come
Eileen McKinnon-Suggs 
336 S590 Our Royal Ancestors
Sharon K Bearce 
337 S64 P.H.H. Scharp (Email)
P.H.H. Scharp 
338 S426 Pakenham Tree
339 S452 Pakenham Tree & DNB
340 S12 Parochie registers
341 S374 Patricia Morano
342 S576 Payne, Jennifer M., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
343 S498 Pedigree Resource File CD 12
344 S366 Pedigrees of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire Families
John Edwards Griffith 
345 S321 Pedigrees of the County Families of England, 1844-1905
Foster, Joseph 
346 S14 Persoonlijke bijdrage
347 S488 Peterson, Charles J., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
348 S512 Plantagenet Ancestry of 17th C Colonists, 2nd edn
David Faris 
349 S396 Plantagenet Ancestry of 17th Century Colonists
David Faris 
350 S311 Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, 2nd Ed
David Faris 
351 S336 Plantagenet Ancestry, a Study in Colonial and Medieval Families
Douglas Richardson, Kimball G. Everingham, editor 
352 S363 Plantagenet Descent
353 S338 PL_4_WWW_all.ged, downloaded april 2006
354 S439 Pontefract Abbey, West Yorkshire
355 S434 Powys-Lybbe pedigree
Clarenceux and Somerset 
356 S518 Prest, Richard. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
357 S481 Priory Of Alnwick
358 S492 Prudhoe, Castle, Prudhoe, Northumberland
359 S454 pub 1581
William Flower, Norroy K of Arms 
360 S387 Public Member Trees
361 S593 Raoul de Coucy
362 S294 Ray Montgomery - Greysteel
363 S588 RCKarnes
364 S84 Rechterlijke archieven in het rijksarchief
365 S461 Reeder, Jennifer. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
366 S98 Regionaal Archief Alkmaar
Diverse gemeentearchieven 
367 S10 Regionaal Historisch Centrum Groninger Archieven
Alle Groningers 
368 S165 Regionaal Historisch Centrum Groninger Archieven
Alle Groningers 
369 S240 Regionaal Historisch Centrum Groninger Archieven
Alle Groningers 
370 S251 Regionaal Historisch Centrum Groninger Archieven
Alle Groningers 
371 S569 Reynolds, Susan & Barry, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
372 S71 RHC Eindhoven
373 S293 Richard Hodgson
374 S51 Rijksarchief België
375 S18 rkpls
376 S561 Robert E Finnigan
377 S342 Robert Gannon
378 S514 Roberts, Gary Boyd. Ancestors of American Presidents. New England Historic Genealogical Society. Boston, Massachusetts, Preliminary Edition, Revised. 1989.
379 S550 Roberts, Gary Boyd. The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland. 1993.
380 S337 rob_gomes.ged
381 S154 Roosje Roos” is het genealogisch onderzoeksbureau
Maarten en Willy Etmans.  
382 S38 Rootsweb - Worldconnect
383 S296 @NS11478851@ @NS11478852@
384 S440 Royalty for Commoners
Roderick W. Stuart 
385 S307 royal_lineage.ged, June 2006
386 S542 Ruesch, Brent, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
387 S484 Ryan, Andrea, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
388 S479 Saint Andrew's, Hambleton
389 S477 Saint Augustines, Bristol, Gloucestershire
390 S596 Saint Edmund's Church
391 S378 Saint Mary's
392 S437 Saint Mary's, Aldgate, London
393 S600 Saint Paul's Cathedral, London, Middlesex
394 S130 Sappemeer Dutch Reformed Church Records 1637-1811 (FHL #109,508 item 3)
395 S584 Schluckbier, H. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
396 S521 Schmidt, Shirley, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
397 S441 Schwartz, Joni G., Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
398 S507 Shap Abbey, Shap
399 S564 Sharen Neal
400 S497 Sheen Palace
401 S291 Six, Wierschke, Royse Families & More
Sally Six 
402 S515
John Ravilous 
403 S563
404 S553 Some Colonial & Rev. Families of North Carolina
405 S104 Stadsarchief 's-Hertogenbosch
406 S79 Stadsarchief Amsterdam
407 S126 Stadsarchief Breda (
408 S24 Stadsarchief Rotterdam
409 S135 Stadsarchief Vlaardingen | ISIS
410 S129 Stamboom op
411 S344 Stanley Family Tree
Deborah Dale Stanley 
412 S143 Steenhouwerij Fa. Sander
E. Sander 
413 S35 Stef Vierkant (E-mail)
Stef Vierkant 
414 S80 Streekarchief, Voorne-Putten en Rozenburg
415 S395 Stuart, Roderick W. Royalty for Commoners. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, Maryland. Third Edition. 1998.
416 S398 Susan Cary
417 S594 Taxandria 1942
418 S348 Testamenta Vetusta
Ed Nicholas Harris Nicolas 
419 S427 Tewkesbury Abby, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
420 S500 The Ancestry of Dorothea Poyntz
Ronny O Bodine & Brother Thomas W Spalding Jr 
421 S303 The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, 2000
G.E. Cokayne, with Vicary Gibbs 
422 S369 The Family of Corbet - Its Life and Times
Augusta Elizabeth Brickdale Corbet 
423 S315 The Family of Kemmis
424 S320 The History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher, and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fadog, etc
Jacob Youde William Lloyd 
425 S405 The Macdonalds of Glengarry
Alexander Mackenzie 
426 S537 The Magna Carta Sureties, 1215
Dr F L Weis 
427 S548 The Magna Charta Sureties 1215, Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Sheppard Jr, 5th Edition, 1999
428 S388 The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215
Weis, Frederick Lewis, Th.D. 
429 S305 The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215, 5th Edition, 1999
Frederick Lewis Weis with William R. Beall, additions by Walter Lee Sheppard Jr. 
430 S356 The Order of the Garter, its Knights and Stall Plates
Grace Holmes 
431 S445 The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarcy
John Cannon & Ralph Griffiths 
432 S370 The Phillips, Weber, Kirk, & Staggs families of the Pacific Northwest
Weber, Jim 
433 S362 The Plantagenet Ancestry, by William Henry Turton, 1968
434 S499 The Scots Peerage
Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King of Arms 
435 S389 The Scots Peerage
Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King of Arms, editor 
436 S323 The Visitation of Shropshire taken in the Year 1623, 1889
Robert Tresswell and Augustine Vincent, Editors: George Grazebrook & J Paul Rylands 
437 S306 Thomas Charles Renehan
438 S496 Tonburton Priory
439 S435 Tower of London, Tower Hill, London, England EC3N 4AB
440 S339 Tricia Bowers
441 S502 Tutbury Castle, Tutbury, Staffordshire
442 S559 Ulrich, Bebe, Rootsweb GEDCOM. (
443 S327 Valerie Pippi
444 S65 Van Dunmaglass tot Djati Roenggo, 's-Gravenhaghe 1981
E.J. Mac Gillavry 
445 S119 Van Papier naar Digitaal,
446 S23 Vereniging voor genealogie en historie "Westerwolde"
447 S384 Vergy_Hugo_I
448 S353 Visitation of Oxford
449 S447 Visitations
450 S6 Voetnoot

451 S453 Vozar, Amy. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
452 S494 Warkworth Castle, Alnwick
453 S568 Weaver, David. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
454 S317 Welsh Genealogies, AD 300-1400
Peter Clement Bartrum 
455 S68 West Fries Archief 
456 S45 Westerwolde
457 S21 Westerwolders en hun woningbezit
C.J. en R.M.A. Wegman 
458 S448 Westminster Abbey: 20 Deanâ?™s Yard, Westminster Abbey, LONDON, SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom
459 S480 White Friars Church, Canterbury
460 S16 Wia Swijgman
461 S20 Wie Was Wie verzamelwebsite
462 S15 Wikipedia
463 S300 Wikipedia
464 S544 Williams, Kenneth. Rootsweb GEDCOM. or
465 S455 wilmirth_gen.ged
466 S46 Wilts, Geert - website
467 S422 Windsor Castle, Windsor
468 S48 Wolda Web Site
Henk Wolda 
469 S585 Wolf, India. Rootsweb GEDCOM.
470 S29 World connect site
Bob Borchers 
471 S527 World Family Tree Vol. 43, Ed. 1
The Learning Company, Inc. 
472 S533 World Family Tree Vol. 47, Ed. 1 
473 S53
474 S106
475 S509 Younker, Diane, Rootsweb GEDCOM (
476 S145 Zeemansleed Website
477 S25 Zeeuwen gezocht
478 S63 Zie ook
479 S511 [Ancestry of Benedict Arnold (Rev. Traitor)]
480 S465 [Ancestry of Kimberly Jo Brownlee]
481 S463 [Ancestry of Mark Willis Ballard]
482 S464 [Ancestry of President Barack Obama]


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