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Margje Scholtens

Female 1773 - 1820  (47 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Trijntje Doornbos
Female 1862-1902
Stoffer Rubingh
Male 1859-1917
New chart
Engeltje Doornbos
Female 1868-1893
Onne van der Wijk
Male 1858-1902
New chart
Eisso Doornbos
Male 1825-1899
Jantje Fokkens
Female 1831-1908
Sieke Doornbos
Female 1826-1894
Okko Ebens
Male 1823-1893
Jantje Mulder
Female Approximately 1854-Date unknown
Willem Woldering
Male Approximately 1855-1910
Trijntje Mulder
Female Approximately 1854-Date unknown
Roelf Roelfs Kunst
Male 1845-1930
New chart
Albertus Mulder
Male 1857-1911
Grietje Leeuwerke
Female 1867-1938
Meiltje Mulder
Female About 1859-1932
Jakob Kolk
Male About 1857-1910
New chart
Johannes Mulder
Male 1864-1942
Stientje Boswijk
Female 1870-1955
New chart
Eizo Mulder
Male Approximately 1869-1943
Hillechien Degenhart
Female 1871-Date unknown
Marchien Albertus Doornbos
Female 1827-1910
Reinhart Hinderikus Mulder
Male 1825-1900
Tonnis Smith
Male 1862-1947
Louwina Smith
Female 1861-1940
New chart
Jaike Albertus Doornbos
Female 1829-1893
Pieter Smith
Male 1829-Date unknown
Delina Albertus Doornbos
Female 1830-1830
Ties Kram
Male 1866-1927
Alberdina Pathuis
Female 1875-1956
New chart
Catharina Kram
Female 1867-1931
Jan Hillenius Veninga
Male 1867-1950
New chart
Hillechiena Kram
Female 1869-1913
Harmannus Johannes Breedveld
Male 1864-Date unknown
Jantina Alberdina Kram
Female 1871-Date unknown
Pieter Boerma
Male 1871-1942
New chart
Delina Doornbos
Female 1831-1894
Jan Tiessens Kram
Male 1820-1871
Fokko Doornbos
Male 1834-1858
Albertus Dorenbos
Male 1869-1962
Elsina van der Laan
Female 1866-1914
New chart
Jakoba Kunst
Female 1871-1951
Saartje Dorenbos
Female 1871-1967
Douwe Scheltens
Male 1871-1948
New chart
Trijntje Dorenbos
Female 1873-1918
Hindrik Topper
Male 1868-Date unknown
New chart
Tammo Dorenbos
Male 1875-1914
Geertje Themmen
Female 1872-1943
New chart
Sika Dorenbos
Female 1876-1968
Johannes Jonker
Male 1872-1967
New chart
Eiso Dorenbos
Male 1878-Date unknown
Jacobje Adams
Female 1884-1956
New chart
Annechina Hendrika Dorenbos
Female 1880-1969
Berend Davids
Male 1881-1960
New chart
Marchien Dorenbos
Female 1882-1924
Marten Bouwman
Male 1879-Date unknown
Hendrika Annechina Dorenbos
Female 1884-Date unknown
Jans Dallinga
Male 1883-1953
Jeikina Delina Dorenbos
Female 1885-Date unknown
Kornelis Krans
Male 1887-Date unknown
Fokko Dorenbos
Male 1890-Date unknown
Henderika Zwaneveld
Female 1897-Date unknown
Jan Dorenbos
Male 1837-1892
Stientje Rijkens
Female 1848-1939
Doetje Doornbos
Female 1839-1894
Herman Buining
Male 1835-Date unknown
Willem Roelf Mulder
Male 1873-1905
Bertha Geziena Meijer
Female 1878-Date unknown
New chart
Trijntje Mulder
Female 1875-1958
Tjaart Bruininga
Male 1869-1932
New chart
Loeke Mulder
Female 1877-1920
Derk Leeuwerke
Male 1875-1960
New chart
NN Mulder
Albertus Mulder
Male 1882-1957
Alberdina Vos
Female 1883-1954
Antje Doornbos
Female 1842-1915
Jan Mulder
Male 1824-1902
Albertus Eisses Doornbos
Male 1798-1886
Trijntje Fokkes van der Schild
Female 1802-1867
Jan Doornbos
Male 1864-1945
Berendje Veldhuis
Female 1854-1905
Reina Bosman
Female 1885-Date unknown
New chart
Marten Doornbos
Male 1865-1932
Henderika Wiea Harmanni
Female 1880-1931
Johannes Doornbos
Male 1867-1894
Anne Doornbos
Male 1870-1942
Grietje de Vries
Female 1875-1942
New chart
Roelof Doornbos
Male 1876-1940
Jantina Middel
Female 1876-1961
New chart
Eisse Doornbos
Male 1835-1924
Maria Jonker
Female 1839-1877
Gezina Doornbos
Female 1837-1895
Jan Doornbos
Male 1839-1917
Jan Eisses Doornbos
Male 1800-1879
Aafke Julles Houtman
Female 1805-1875
Margien Jakobs van Timmeren
Female 1824-1824
Jakob Schuurman
Male 1847-1922
Hindrik Schuurman
Male 1850-1870
Kornelis Schuurman
Male 1853-1863
Jan Schuurman
Male 1856-1863
NN Schuurman
Male 1859-1859
Zwaantje Schuurman
Female 1861-1863
NN Schuurman
Female 1864-1864
Margien van Timmeren
Female 1825-1883
Jan Hindriks Schuurman
Male 1818-1865
Douwe Mulder
Male 1817-1907
Lammechien van Timmeren
Female 1859-1952
Derk van der Laan
Male 1857-1939
New chart
Jakob van Timmeren
Male 1862-1948
Grietje Ploeger
Female 1865-1948
New chart
Kornelis van Timmeren
Male 1827-1903
Marijke Eltjes Tuin
Female 1830-1863
Barbara Zwiers
Female 1827-1903
NN van Timmeren
Male 1829-1829
Delina Ruben
Female 1860-1937
Ferdinand Rijkens
Male 1861-1918
New chart
Johannes Ruben
Male 1863-1931
Grietje Westers
Female 1868-1912
New chart
Hillechien Lenting
Female 1863-1939
Renske Ruben
Female 1865-1958
Tonnis Tempel
Male 1865-1924
New chart
Jakob Ruben
Male 1867-1956
Auke Veldman
Female 1869-1935
New chart
Jantje Ruben
Female 1870-1936
Roelf Molema
Male 1871-1934
Geessien Ruben
Female 1874-1955
Harke Buning
Male 1871-1939
New chart
Emmo Gruben
Male 1883-1944
Berendina Ruben
Female 1876-1952
Reint Wildeman
Male 1871-1940
New chart
Jantje van Timmeren
Female 1834-1919
Berend Ruben
Male 1835-1917
Antje Jakobs van Timmeren
Female 1836-1848
Delina van Timmeren
Female 1868-1960
Lammert van Timmeren
Male 1871-1873
Elizabeth van Timmeren
Female 1873-1876
Lammert van Timmeren
Male 1875-1926
Marchien van Timmeren
Female 1878-1954
Jakob Hindrik van Timmeren
Male 1880-1951
Elizabeth Fenna van Timmeren
Female 1888-1965
Eisse van Timmeren
Male 1841-1925
Wobbechien Heidema
Female 1848-1895
Delina Eisses Doornbos
Female 1802-1879
Jakob Kornelis van Timmeren
Male 1792-1842
Hindrik Begeman
Male 1875-1963
Willemina Kluin
Female 1874-1951
New chart
Oltman Begeman
Male 1876-1963
Eeffina Jantina Beerta
Female 1882-1917
New chart
Delina Begeman
Female 1880-1939
Hinderkie Begeman
Female 1882-1882
Berend Begeman
Male 1884-1966
Heika van Dam
Female 1888-1984
New chart
Zwaantje Schuirman
Female 1848-1937
Derk Begeman
Male 1844-1884
Hindrik Hindriks Schuirman
Male 1811-1876
Marrechien Pieters van der Deen
Female 1831-1834
Korneliske van der Deen
Female 1833-1893
Anje Eisses Doornbos
Female 1804-1834
Pieter Heekes van der Deen
Male 1814-1871
Eisse Doornbosch
Male 1842-1929
Wobbechien Doornbosch
Female 1844-1931
Geert Doornbos
Male 1846-1860
Albertus Doornbosch
Male 1848-1926
Christina Jantina van Timmeren
Female 1874-1943
Jakob Eise van Timmeren
Male 1877-1942
Hilje Hofman
Female 1887-Date unknown
Jantje Wobbechiena van Timmeren
Female 1880-1930
Jacobus Huisman
Male Date unknown-Date unknown
Harm Pieter van Timmeren
Male 1881-Date unknown
Wobbechiena Albertha van Timmeren
Female 1884-1945
Margje Doornbos
Female 1850-1925
Herman Fredrik van Timmeren
Male 1853-1929
Fennechien Doornbos
Female 1852-1853
Geert Goijert
Male 1881-1947
Jantje Goijert
Female 1885-Date unknown
Fennechien Doornbosch
Female 1854-1939
Tjaard Goijert
Male 1852-Date unknown
Delina Doornbosch
Female 1858-1863
Geert Doornbosch
Male 1861-1888
Margien Doornbos
Female 1889-Date unknown
Jakob Geert Doornbos
Male 1890-1891
Jantje Doornbos
Female 1891-1904
Koop Geert Doornbos
Male 1892-Date unknown
Antje Boerema
Female 1892-Date unknown
Wobbechiena Doornbos
Female 1894-Date unknown
Auke van der Meer
Male 1891-Date unknown
Aaltje Doornbos
Female 1895-Date unknown
Lambertus Huzeling
Male 1887-1961
Jakob Eisse Doornbos
Male 1899-1979
Zwaantina Begeman
Female 1908-1974
New chart
Jantje Fennechiena Doornbos
Female 1906-Date unknown
Roelf Jan Ridder
Male 1907-Date unknown
Evert Doornbos
Male 1862-1925
Kornelia Mulder
Female 1867-Date unknown
Jacob Eisses Doornbosch
Male 1807-1876
Jantje Geerts Heidema
Female 1821-1864
Eisse Helmers
Male 1830-1860
Jan Helmers
Male 1832-1874
Margie Helmers
Female 1834-1924
Albertus Helmers
Male 1836-1852
Christoph Helmens
Male 1874-1947
Johanna Krans
Female 1882-Date unknown
New chart
Aagtje Helmens
Female 1876-Date unknown
Johannes Andreas Hulzebos
Male 1874-Date unknown
New chart
Luitje Helmens
Male 1891-Date unknown
Jakob Helmens
Male 1838-1925
Maria de Groot
Female Approximately 1850-1929
Hendericus Helmens
Male 1840-1918
Annegijn Stol
Female 1844-1908
Clemens Helmens
Male 1875-1948
Geertje Karlien
Female 1886-Date unknown
Klaas Helmens
Male 1878-1954
Antje Everdina Scholte
Female 1882-1953
Aries Helmens
Male 1843-1912
Aaltje Wijnholt
Female 1848-1878
Louisa Johanna Helmens
Female 1880-1949
Pieterdina Marchiena Helmens
Female 1881-Date unknown
Rudolf Ploeger
Male 1881-1949
New chart
Marchina Derkina Helmens
Female 1887-Date unknown
Jan Rozenberg
Male 1889-Date unknown
Trijntje Schuiring
Female 1849-1931
Johannes Helmens
Male 1846-1928
Clemendina Helmens
Female 1887-1941
Johannes Vierkant
Male 1886-1953
Nikolaas Helmens
Male 1849-1917
Anje Dreise
Female 1855-1935
Fenna Helmers
Female 1851-1852
Louisa Johanna Doornbos
Female 1811-1852
Clemens Jans Helmers
Male 1793-1885
Tjaaktjen Atzema
Female 1841-1917
Gerard Atzema
Male 1876-1961
Jantje Kuiper
Female 1875-1905
New chart
Frouwke Brouwer
Female 1887-Date unknown
New chart
Albert Jan Atzema
Male 1878-1954
Anna Roelfs Woldring
Female 1877-1929
New chart
Trientje Klazina Schutter
Female 1891-Date unknown
Eisso Atzema
Male 1843-1898
Jantje Rademaker
Female 1849-1932
NN Atzema
Male 1846-1846
Geertruida Atzema
Female 1847-1930
Aito Geert Atzema
Male 1884-1954
Roelina Wierenga
Female 1875-Date unknown
Jantje Atzema
Female 1889-Date unknown
Jan Westerhof
Male 1880-1946
New chart
Botjo Atzema
Male 1895-1965
Jantine Lammechina Douwes
Female 1899-Date unknown
New chart
Lammert Atzema
Male 1850-1907
Maria Hovinga
Female 1860-1918
Harm Atzema
Male 1853-1894
Albertus Atzema
Male 1857-1933
Jantje Eisses Doornbos
Female 1813-1887
Geert Lammerts Atzema
Male 1806-1865
Aries Eisses Doornbos
Male 1816-1819
New chart
Margje Scholtens
Female 1773-1820
Eisse Jans Doornbos
Male 1757-1837


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