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Michigan, USA


Notes: CHAN
DATE 10 Jun 2013

City/Town : Latitude: 44, Longitude: -85


Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Appeldorn, William Murry  02 November 1922Michigan, USA I754033
2 Beckering, Earl Henry  23 December 1919Michigan, USA I513433
3 Beckering, James B  30 November 1911Michigan, USA I511758
4 Beckering, Ralph E  21 April 1908Michigan, USA I511757
5 Bekkering, Edward P  03 November 1918Michigan, USA I511770
6 Bekkering, Louis Ralph  08 July 1915Michigan, USA I511754
7 Bekkering, Sidney D  19 March 1914Michigan, USA I511755
8 ter Berg, Garrett Sr.  18 May 1907Michigan, USA I692931
9 Berghuis, Christena  August 1879Michigan, USA I642051
10 Berghuis, Rettie  1872Michigan, USA I642050
11 Brouwer, Anna  September 1882Michigan, USA I243487
12 Brouwer, Cornelius K  19 February 1874Michigan, USA I243484
13 Brouwer, Geert K  22 July 1893Michigan, USA I243490
14 Brouwer, Jacob  December 1881Michigan, USA I243486
15 Brouwer, Peter  1883Michigan, USA I243488
16 Cheney, Earl Fay  13 April 1916Michigan, USA I139319
17 Cheney, Frank  17 March 1872Michigan, USA I138768
18 Clark, Beatrice  1880Michigan, USA I522380
19 Crager, Frank  1888Michigan, USA I449531
20 Derose, Bertha  1900Michigan, USA I613996
21 Deurloo, Jennie  1911Michigan, USA I655315
22 Diehl, Carrie  20 July 1883Michigan, USA I450910
23 Donderwinkel, Hermann  03 February 1910Michigan, USA I605706
24 Donderwinkel, Johann Wilhelm  07 July 1908Michigan, USA I605705
25 Donderwinkel, Karel Josephus  22 March 1913Michigan, USA I607289
26 Doorlag, Jerry Donald  18 March 1902Michigan, USA I320567
27 Dykstra, Helena  1881Michigan, USA I668808
28 Goodyke, Fred  1899Michigan, USA I613999
29 Gouderjan, George  1888Michigan, USA I655332
30 Grooters, Dena  Date unknownMichigan, USA I513431
31 de Haan, Arnmo  1896Michigan, USA I612420
32 de Haan, Gertie  1892Michigan, USA I612418
33 de Haan, Jennie  1894Michigan, USA I612419
34 Huizinga, Anna  September 1890Michigan, USA I243537
35 Kemker, Fenna  October 1874Michigan, USA I613859
36 Kielman, Harry  1907Michigan, USA I380640
37 Kielman, Joe  15 November 1904Michigan, USA I380642
38 van Klinken, Herman  17 June 1887Michigan, USA I528660
39 van Klinken, Lewis  17 April 1889Michigan, USA I528661
40 Kok, Dena  January 1893Michigan, USA I576761
41 Kok, George  April 1895Michigan, USA I576762
42 Kok, James  June 1897Michigan, USA I576763
43 Kok, Martin  April 1900Michigan, USA I576764
44 Kok, Mary  April 1891Michigan, USA I576760
45 Krenger, Arnold  30 January 1877Michigan, USA I606049
46 van Leeuwen, Margarita  1902Michigan, USA I511761
47 Markey, Eugene Wilford  11 December 1895Michigan, USA I739687
48 Menninga, Lena  1901Michigan, USA I655333
49 Meyer, Mary  16 November 1889Michigan, USA I652635
50 Middel, Herman  01 November 1891Michigan, USA I311229
51 Middelkamp, Margaret  1896Michigan, USA I522490
52 Moesker, Katherine  1892Michigan, USA I694858
53 Moll, Ida R.  06 January 1876Michigan, USA I453144
54 Moorlag, Gertrude J.  27 December 1873Michigan, USA I319605
55 Moorlag, Jasper Clyde  14 March 1880Michigan, USA I319609
56 Musch, Ida  1894Michigan, USA I522487
57 Nelmark, Eli  1901Michigan, USA I607408
58 NN, Grace E  1900Michigan, USA I694866
59 NN, Lillie  August 1866Michigan, USA I576751
60 NN, Nellie  08 May 1903Michigan, USA I194757
61 van Polen, Lizzie  Approximately 1896Michigan, USA I194390
62 Rozeboom, Thomas  1900Michigan, USA I613998
63 Smith, Grace  1903Michigan, USA I613863
64 Tobol, Harriett Elizabeth  12 October 1872Michigan, USA I450973
65 Tornga, Ethan C.  04 February 1918Michigan, USA I194505
66 Tornga, Jacob H.  08 February 1920Michigan, USA I194506
67 Tornga, Jeanette  Approximately 1916Michigan, USA I194493
68 Trommel, Lena  March 1879Michigan, USA I344226
69 Vandersalen, Jake  December 1890Michigan, USA I655313
70 Vanduinen, Arthur A  16 November 1892Michigan, USA I613997
71 van der Veen, Siemtje  1850Michigan, USA I108478
72 Wellcome, Daniel Woodrow  1919Michigan, USA I448765
73 Wellcome, Dorothy  27 July 1927Michigan, USA I448764
74 Wellcome, Sylvia Loretta  20 May 1928Michigan, USA I448766
75 Werkman, Henry James  25 August 1886Michigan, USA I522393
76 White, James Peter  14 September 1882Michigan, USA I655312
77 Wood, Myrtle  1883Michigan, USA I522351
78 Young, Lottie J  February 1888Michigan, USA I522394


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bachelder, Bernice  Date unknownMichigan, USA I319611
2 Bekkering, Roelf  After 1920Michigan, USA I159490
3 de Boer, Harmina  Between 1890 and 1895Michigan, USA I26340
4 Boersema, Annegien  1916Michigan, USA I683519
5 ten Cate, Dena  Date unknownMichigan, USA I305503
6 van Dijk, Pieterke  Date unknownMichigan, USA I311211
7 Donderwinkel, Jan  21 August 1911Michigan, USA I606131
8 Drenth, Jacob  September 1970Michigan, USA I194510
9 Drenth, Peter  May 1929Michigan, USA I194773
10 Drenth, Willem  December 1930Michigan, USA I194408
11 Ensing, Zwaantje  09 November 1890Michigan, USA I220434
12 Grasmeijer, Feike  After 1930Michigan, USA I106840
13 Hartzema, Abraham  13 January 1917Michigan, USA I321792
14 Haveman, Jan  30 April 1928Michigan, USA I529010
15 Holst, Jetze  18 August 1922Michigan, USA I311212
16 Holst, Otto Jetzes  Approximately 1910Michigan, USA I311206
17 Huizinga, Jan  Date unknownMichigan, USA I308305
18 Kerkstra, Johannes  December 1963Michigan, USA I307355
19 Kloet, Hendrika  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307377
20 Klungel, Nantko  12 October 1905Michigan, USA I175885
21 Knol, Trientje  31 August 1961Michigan, USA I282769
22 Knott, Dena  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307354
23 Knott, Gerhardina  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307349
24 Kreuze, Egbert  Date unknownMichigan, USA I305519
25 Kreuze, Jacob  Date unknownMichigan, USA I305518
26 Kreuze, Jane  Date unknownMichigan, USA I305520
27 Kreuze, Roelof  Date unknownMichigan, USA I305517
28 Mesbergen, John  29 February 1928Michigan, USA I305509
29 Meyer, Arie  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307351
30 Moorlag, Jasper Clyde  Date unknownMichigan, USA I319609
31 NN, Clara  September 1970Michigan, USA I194770
32 Oosterhof, Roelf Pieterszn  26 February 1904Michigan, USA I582492
33 Reitsma, Jenny  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307370
34 Roorda, Mient  28 October 1976Michigan, USA I307388
35 Roorda, Taeke  1912Michigan, USA I307387
36 Schaap, Johannes  17 July 1977Michigan, USA I282772
37 Seven, Henrietta  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307411
38 Seven, John P.  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307410
39 van der Sloot, Jan Douwes  04 May 1905Michigan, USA I576536
40 Spoelman, Jennie  Date unknownMichigan, USA I243467
41 Straaijer, Johanna  Date unknownMichigan, USA I307378
42 Thaden, Marchien  After 1920Michigan, USA I159489
43 van Timmeren, Kornelis  20 November 1930Michigan, USA I706876
44 Vledder, Aukje  Date unknownMichigan, USA I782179
45 Zijlstra, Trienje Garmts  20 November 1896Michigan, USA I576515


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Aeilkema, Sieka  1886Michigan, USA I597092
2 Boerhave, Roelf Freerks  1886Michigan, USA I597091
3 Holstein, Eisse  1867Michigan, USA I642151


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boven / Ensing  13 February 1848Michigan, USA F87032
2 Brouwer / NN  1931Michigan, USA F96344
3 Dutmer / Hartman  28 February 1925Michigan, USA F96341
4 Graff / Brouwer  1910Michigan, USA F96347
5 Huitsing / Drenth  1919Michigan, USA F77853


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Emigration    Family ID 
1 Veltman / Noor  1888Michigan, USA F202978

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 West / Schuurman  1881Michigan, USA F254987


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