This is my Homepage about the Boekholt and Savenije Genealogy.

These genealogy pages were mainly about the Savenije and Boekholt family, but there are many people outside of these two lineages, who can find items of interest as is shown by the following facts:

As of recent there are more than 808,840 persons, 307,128 families, 799,096 last names, 5,842 photos, 16,797 documents, 4,814 headstones, 118 histories and 373 sources included in this genealogical database.

Have fun exploring this site, but please don't ask me for extra information, as I have very little disposable time to devote to this site at the moment. I live in Korea and am very busy due to multiple job responsibilities, such as teaching at the university, working in the movie industry, and compiling information of literature on the subject of “informatica” etc.
I would much appreciate it if anyone could add or correct data via the existing links on line. I would ask that you contact me to obtain the necessary password, to enable you to do so. In the near future I plan to add pictures, memorials and other data that I have collected from many.

If you have additional data, please drop me a line at webmaster at genealogy.henny-savenije.pe.kr (press the link or just copy and replace the "at" with @)

You can leave a message in the guest book by clicking on You can enter the by clicking on the image. The most common surnames are:

I have to pay courtesy to Willem Hohenstein for the Boekholt genealogy, John Groffen for the Vas Diaz family, Jim Borgman for the Deiters-Roling family, Joos van Oppenraaij for the van Oppenraaij family, Peer Notermans for the Notermans and van Tuijl family, for the Savenije's was that Mike Savenije and Pe Savenije, but also Johannes Sibum for the many Sibom and Sibums. Special thanks goes to Wil de Jong for making Helpfiles and helping me with many other things, I also owe Siem Schuur a special recognition for entering many of the old maps and there are many more who have contributed. If you feel you should have been mentioned here, please contact me. I have a list with words for the sources. Please print it for reference, there are several ways to access the database, you can go straight to the surname list. or just explore the I just installed new software that enables you to browse through the site using different parameters .

There is a list of persons of which I couldn't directly find the relations. Please click here.

If you click on Statistics you can find people by numbers, families, names and many other interesting facts and additional links

The coat of arms.

The Coat of Arms was found in a dairy of one of the Savenije's who went to Italy as a Zouaaf (a soldier to fight against Garibaldi to defend the papal states). It probably was a fantasy, because to his disappointment, he actually never fought in battle. The Coat of Arms was never registered, but it is still possible to register it today. It is just nice to look at and after all, it is at least 150 years old. Below you can see three examples. Two of the pictures can be enlarged for personal use. 

The Wiki also has interesting information
The origin of the names
The ancestral tree
Documents from Belgium
Documents Veendam
Maps of all the relevant Dutch regions
Pedigree of my son
A graphical presentation (Scroll down to see the information. Double click on a name to see more information at the bottom)
Life in the past in the peat districts or former fen communities
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The Records of Valmeer
List with baptisms in Groningen before 1811 in which the name Boekholt or a variant is being mentioned

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