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Media Atropatene, Azərbaycan

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Media Atropatene, Azərbaycan
[Media Atropatene] [Azərbaycan]

Atropatene or Media Atropatene (Greek: Ατροπατήνη) was an ancient kingdom established in the 4th century BC in modern Iranian Azarbaijan and Iranian Kurdistan. Its capital was Gazaca. Atropatene also was the nominal ancestor of the name Azarbaijan.

Following the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE, the Macedonian's conquests were divided amongst the diadochi at the Partition of Babylon. The former Achaemenid satrapy of Media was divided into two states: The greater (southern) part - Media Magna was assigned to Peithon, one of Alexander's bodyguards. The smaller (northern) region, which had been the sub-satrapy of Matiene, became Media Atropatene under Atropates, the former Achaemenid governor of all Media, who had by then become father-in-law of Perdiccas, regent of Alexander's designated successor.

Shortly thereafter, Atropates refused to pay allegiance to Seleucus, and made Media Atropatene an independent kingdom. It subsequently lost the Media prefix in the name and came to be known simply as Atropatene (Greek: ᾿Ατροπατήνη).

The dynasty Atropates founded would rule the kingdom for several centuries, first independently, then as vassals of the Arsacids (who called it 'Aturpatakan'). It was eventually annexed by the Arsacids, who then lost it to the Sassanids, who again called it 'Aturpatakan'. The Arabs under the Rashidun took control of the area during the reign of Umar, at some time between 639 and 643. Atropatene formed a separate province of the early Islamic caliphate and was considered to have had strategic importance. It was during the Arab period that Middle Iranian (i.e. Parthian and Middle Persian) Aturpatakan became Adarbaygan, Adarbayjan, Azarbaijan,.

Country : Latitude: 40.31974513067252, Longitude: 47.28515625


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 az Māda, Ariobarzanes I  About 85 BCMedia Atropatene, Azərbaycan I341368
2 az Māda, Koning Artavasdes II  About 59 BCMedia Atropatene, Azərbaycan I341366
3 az Māda, Darius  About 39 BCMedia Atropatene, Azərbaycan I340592


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